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 Radical Squadron Rules

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PostSubject: Radical Squadron Rules   Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:06 am

Below are the main rules that this clan lives with. Do not abuse them or ignore them. It will cause a kick and a ban from our server and site. So make sure to read them and do what it said to do here. Otherwise, buh bai!

1. Respect our members and visitors.
2. Do not double post, there is a edit button.
3. Post in the correct sections.
4. Do not camp after the first 20 seconds are up.
5. Follow the ingame scrolling rules.
6. Listen to the admins and members.
7. Have fun, be fair. No hacking or glitching.
8. No complaining or calling people names.
9. Get active and tell people about us!
10. Play often.

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Radical Squadron Rules
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